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Log burner servicing is vital to the longevity and smooth running of your installation. It ensures that everything is in good working order, corrects minor faults, and catches damage before it requires major repairs.

At SJ Chimneys we offer a range of inspection and maintenance services to keep your stove in excellent working order. Whether your stove is releasing smoke into the room or a mechanism has broken, we are here to help.

With specialist skills and years of experience, we provide a comprehensive service that will repair any issues to restore your stove to its best possible condition.

To book a service, get in touch today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Log Burner Maintenance

Maintenance must be performed regularly to ensure that your stove is safe and running efficiently. Our maintenance services do just that. Whether your servicing is just a precaution or you are truly worried about its condition, we are thorough and diligent.

Our team ensures that your burner receives the treatment it needs to keep it running efficiently. Whether this involves chimney sweeping or removing and replacing some components of the stove, we can help with our professional and competitively priced services.

Affordable Prices

Wood burner door ropes

£ 20


Available from
£ 70+

New fire bricks

made to measure - Starting price
£ 30+

New Glass

Starting price
£ 30+

Inspections and Surveys

In addition, we also offer inspections and surveys that will investigate any issues you are having with your log burner. These include:

  • Poor temperature control.
  • Emitting smoke or a bad smell into the room.
  • Dirty glass panel.
  • Faulty mechanisms.
  • Excess soot deposits.

In addition to our standard chimney sweeping and repair services, we also offer CCTV chimney surveys. Using the latest equipment, we can check for blockages in your chimney that may be causing the problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once a year. This ensures that it is working optimally, producing the maximum amount of heat with the fuel it is given and that there are no health and safety issues. Additionally, it catches damage early before it has time to progress, drastically reducing the potential cost of repair work.

We recommend late summer to early autumn. That way, you can catch and fix any issue you find before the cold sets in, which would be the worst time for any heating system to stop working.

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For log burner servicing, get in touch with SJ Chimneys. You can book an inspection by calling 07500 861862 and arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.

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