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Chimney sweeping is an important part of household maintenance. If you own a wood burner, and you’d like to reap the many rewards of this property feature, it’s essential you keep it in good shape. Not only does this kind of maintenance help keep your home running smoothly, but it also protects the health of its residents.

We’ve put together this brief overview to help emphasise the importance of regular chimney sweeping.

What A Chimney Sweep Does

A chimney sweep will begin with an inspection as part of routine maintenance. Once it’s been established that everything is in good health, they will begin the cleaning aspect. This involves a series of tools such as brushes to clear any build-ups of soot and other flammable by-products in order to keep your chimney running efficiently. They can also clear blockages, bird nests, and anything else that may affect the use of your chimney.

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The Benefits Of Chimney Sweeping

Regular chimney sweeping is important. It keeps your fireplace working efficiently, stops any unwanted smells or smoke from entering the interior of your property, and enables a long life for the chimney itself. However, it’s important we don’t just look at the benefits of maintaining a chimney regularly. We should also address the consequences of letting it build up. Please see below for an outline of these disadvantages:

Fire Risk

The main issue with ignoring chimney sweeping is the fire risk. Blockages and build-ups will eventually catch on fire. We don’t need to emphasise how catastrophic this can be. A fire in your chimney can quickly spread to the rest of your home, so we advise annual inspections in order to avoid this risk.

Insurance Implications

Home insurance can be affected by a lack of chimney sweeping. If your home is damaged due to fire, or water, and the culprit is your chimney, then a lack of inspection and routine maintenance could result in a rejected insurance claim.

Choose SJ Chimneys For Professional Chimney Sweeping

Get in touch with SJ Chimneys for expert chimney sweeping. We’re certified and experienced in both chimney inspection and maintenance. As a result, you can be confident that any work we carry out for you will be thorough. For a quote, or to discuss your chimney, contact us today.

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